EA Access

EA Access Was the Surprise of the Day

EA has received a lot of heat from the gaming audience over the past few years, even being named The Worst Company in America two straight times. There has been the always-online DRM fiasco, the early issues with a broken SimCity, additional early issues with Battlefield 4, and plenty of occurrences of tacked-on DLCs for several games which probably could have just been included in the original game. While I personally have never been that up in arms with EA over some of their less popular business decisions, and certainly would never label them as the absolute worst company in the country, there are plenty of people who haven’t been EA’s biggest fans. Maybe, just maybe though, today’s big announcement might please some disgruntled consumers.

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Valiant Hearts

Review – Valiant Hearts: The Great War

War is a genre that has had a lot of popularity in video games. Yet despite the common knowledge that war is a terrible thing, which has devastating effects on everything around it, games have tended to focus on the action – the big explosions, gunning down the “bad guys,” surviving impossible situations, etc – rather than on the individual stories of those effected. Furthermore, ¬†most of the attention has historically been placed on World War II, or other conflicts, rather than the First World War.¬†Ubisoft Montpellier has changed that trend with the beautiful puzzle adventure game, Valiant Hearts: The Great War.

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Homefront: The Revolution 2

The Future Looks Shaky for Homefront: The Revolution Just Months After it Was Announced

It seems that Homefront may ultimately become a name that will always live to disappoint me, although I still haven’t seen the Jason Statham movie of the same name…

The original Homefront instilled in me a level of pre-release excitement that I haven’t had with many other games in recent years. Unfortunately the game did not live up to the hype that I had built for it, and was disappointing in all of the areas that were most important to me. But wait, there appeared hope for the franchise! Crytek, who had purchased the rights to Homefront during the THQ auction, officially announced Homefront: The Revolution, and suddenly all of that excitement I had for the first Homefront came rushing back.

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The Summer of George

I Proclaim This the Summer of Geor….Backlog!

Seinfeld fans will get the reference in the title. Those who don’t get it really need to watch more Seinfeld.

We’re well under way into the summer season now, and that means that the lull period of game releases has arrived. While some gamers may moan about this, I for one welcome it with open arms. My current backlog of games is impressively horrific, and I haven’t done myself any favors with catching up on it so far this year. Recently I’ve been going through some phases of just not playing anything at all, mostly because I have so many games to play that I can just never decide what to start with. I’ve worked my way out of this funk by finally finishing Heavy Rain (which I rented from GameFly in October 2013, and just now sent back), and now I’m ready to make a massive backlog push.

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What I’d Love to See at E3 2014

If there is a time during the year concerning gaming that I’m more excited for over any other other time, it is E3. E3 2014 is now less than a week away and I’m already getting excited to bum out on the couch all day glued in front of the TV and laptop, and see first hand all of the new things that will be announced. Being as this is the first year that the PS4 and Xbox One are on the market in time for the conferences, there is extra cause for interest to see what is going to be coming for these next-gen machines. Everyone, of course, always has their own personal list of things they’d like to see come out of E3, and this is mine, whether the likelihood of these actually happening is realistic or not.

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