That Dead Kings Trailer Looks Pretty Awesome

I don’t even care if it’s just a cinematic trailer. The newest video showing off Assassin’s Creed Unity’s first DLC, Dead Kings, looks really great and the fact that it will be free for everyone to download is just an added bonus. I haven’t started Unity yet, and don’t know when exactly I plan to, but this expansion alone makes it almost tempting to move the game to the top of my “To Do” list.

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Resolutions of 2015

New Year’s resolutions oftentimes sound nice when coming up with them, but rarely are actually stuck to. As much as we’d like to make changes to better our lives, breaking out of habits is a lot easier said than done. Even so, I always find it important to set out a list of goals for myself, and at the very least make an effort to have a more productive year. I think making this list has an even higher importance now than in years prior, because 2015 will be my first year post-college. Whether it concerns gaming, health and fitness, or this site itself, I feel these resolutions I’ve set out for myself, if met, can help me to have a successful 2015.

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The Bugs of Watch_Dogs

Now that I’m done with school for good, I’ve been taking advantage of all of my new free time to finish up Watch_Dogs after stringing it along for the last couple of months. What I’ve noticed over the past few times I’ve played the game is that there can oftentimes be an assortment of pretty bizarre bugs and glitches. Whether it’s floating items, or people and objects morphing into the world around them, I am just really glad that Game DVR exists on the Xbox One so that I can share the things that I encounter while playing. It’s just another reason why it’s probably still my favorite feature of the console.

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Believe It or Not GTA Online Heists are Coming

Even though Half-Life has several years on it, Grand Theft Auto V’s Online Heists were beginning to encroach on that similar scenario of whether or not they would ever actually happen. With GTA Online being delayed at GTA V’s launch, and Heists missing ever since, it almost become something of a laughing matter among gamers as to how many more times the phrase “Heists are coming soon” would come up before they actually arrived. However, with Rockstar releasing the Heists trailer today, it seems as if the wait will finally soon be over. We’re still waiting on anything concrete for Half-Life 3, though.

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College is Finally Over – Time to Start Gaming and Blogging

When I first started this blog back in March of this year, the intention was to write on a daily basis while tackling my ever-growing backlog of games. Months later, it’s pretty clear that I haven’t done a very good job with either. Too many different obligations pulled away my time, and as a result, I didn’t have nearly as much time as I’d like to game and write. Out of all the distractions throughout the year, I’d place most of the blame on my senior year of college. I originally thought that these final semesters would be a breeze, but it pretty quickly became evident that things would be the exact opposite. However, now that I’ve submitted the last of my work for the semester and have unofficially graduated, it’s time to get back to gaming and writing like I had originally envisioned.

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